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Reach a large candidate audience in Ireland with 1.5 million page impressions a month.
Only view relevant applications with our CV Filtering service.

Email info@jobsdonedeal.ie and chat with us about what you need!

We are part of the JobsDone Group, an information media services provider to Employers, Jobseekers, Freelancers and  Course Providers, we are not an  Employment Agent and provide online media solution Only.

Media Statistics

Visits:   320,000

Unique visits: 152,000

Page Impressions: 1,244,000

Jobs Posted a Month: 2,700

Applications Received Via Jobs Ireland Recruitment : 300 per Day

Applications Directed Externally : 1,000 per Day

Here’s the 2018 list of the top 5 Irish job boards today:

Rank        Website

1        Jobs.ie
2        IrishJobs.ie
3        Fas.ie
4        RecruitIreland.com
5        Jobsdonedeal.ie

Recruiting with Us.

Recruitment with Jobs Done Deal

Want to post a job?

We have two job posting categories described next:

Simple job posting, our some twenty thousand viewers daily will have the opportunity to view and apply, you can re-post the position during the 30 days of the account


Employer Account

Just email us your job vacancy; info@JobsDoneDeal.ie and we will post under your account straightaway!

  • Top category listing and featured logo position
  • Intelligent job alerts, industry and skill specific
  • Manually filtered applications
  • Re-advertisement of your position

30 days for EUR 100.00*

What Do I Do Next?

To login to your account and start posting jobs, click on the button below and choose a new plan. Alternatively, visit https://www.jobsdonedeal.ie/post-job and sign in as an Employer and update your subscription.


What is in the account?

We offer our employers  a branded platform and much improved experience in recruitment, better support,  relisting of jobs,  a new jobs application system and great value for Irish business. Here are some more new features:

  • Unlimited job posting
  • Branding and logo positions
  • Filtered applications
  • Text and mobile alerts for your job vacancy

Learn more 

Promoted Posting is one hundred Euros, one of your jobs will always be top listed on the homepage thus branding your company, we will target our CV database for the skill-set you require, i.e ISO90001 Antrim ACCA; promote the job position to job aggregate sites; list your position with job boards that are specialists in your career sector and social media avenues.

  • Your positions will be indexed on JobIreland, Indeed and other partner sites.
  • HR Account is a yearly job Posting account and is supported via info@JobsDoneDeal.ie +353 1 4429006
1 year for EUR 400.00

We are happy to help during the posting process, simply create the desired account at http://jobsdonedeal.ie/register , send us the job specification, job application instructions and logo. Invoice billing is possible for companies.

Reach the right candidates with our complete market coverage, reach a large candidate audience in Ireland with 1 million page impressions a month.

JobsDoneDeal.ie gives you more ; expert support, your dedicated Account Manager; Only view relevant applications with our CV Filtering service.

Email info@jobsdonedeal.ie for b2b solutions and chat with us about what you need!