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Finding Jobs in Monaco

History / Basics

The origin of the name “Monaco” has been subject to several hypotheses. For some, the name comes from the Ligurian tribe, the Monoïkos, who inhabited the Rock in the 6th century B.C. For others, the origin comes from the Greek. 

The government system is a constitutional monarchy. The chief of state is the prince, and the head of government is the minister of state. As one of the smallest independent states in the world, almost the entire country is urban. Monaco has a service-based market economy in which the prices of goods and services are determined in a free price system.

Finding Work

A foreign employee (from outside the European Economic Area, EEA) must hold a valid work permit allowing them to undertake salaried activity in Monaco. The permit is specific to the position, therefore if changing jobs, a new permit must be acquired.

In order to apply for your permit, you need to either:

  • hold a valid Monegasque residence card, or
  • have a valid French ID or residence document when commuting from France

Careerjet : They have job search options for Monaco. :

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Graduate Land – is a Danish job board for graduates looking for employment worldwide. The site has a pretty good Monaco section with regularly updated postings. – the recruitment agent section of is the best free guide to find employment on international cruise ships.

Accommodation / Mobile / Tax Registration

Leases in Monaco are usually for a minimum of one year. Unless a tenant is working in Monaco it is illegal to stay in the Principality for any more than three months unless application has been made for residency, or a carte de séjour. When applying for residency proof of accommodation must be shown. For tenants, this will be a rental lease of one year or more. For more information you may check.

Tax system

The main principal of Monaco’s fiscal system is the total absence of direct taxation. There are two exceptions to this principal :

Companies earning more than 25% of their turnover outside of the Principality and companies whose activities consist of earning revenus from patents and literary or artistic property rights, are subject to a tax of 33.33 % on profits.

French nationals who are unable to prove that they resided in the Principality for 5 years before October 31, 1962.

Apart from with France, the Principality has signed no other bilateral fiscal agreements.

Current Jobs


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