Your Data your right; we need your explicict permission to hold and manage your data and when we do, we do so for a maximum of 30 days, all CV's are kept live for retreival only by the employer you applied to, asfter 30 days that link is broken and your CV is removed from our server, backups of are server are also over written every 17 days, so after applying for a job your data in no longer retreable after 30 days.

- all cv's including profile CVs are removed after one year

- all job posts are removed after one year

Only when explicit permissio is given, do we renew this standing.

When logged in, you can edit or  disable your job either on the job page it's self or via your profile tab :

If you need your jobs bumped up to be listed at the top of there catagory  just email us with the job title or use the report button on the job page.